Why Patios Are Not An Easy DIY Project

Patios are a great addition to virtually any Australian house because of how much time people love to spend outdoors. From barbequing in summer to watching the multiple footy codes outside over a fire during winter, patios offer a full-year experience that is unlike anything else. However, while other outdoor living spaces are commonly built by people with little to no experience, patios are not something you should try to build on your own. Here are a few reasons why you should always use professional patio contractors for your next outdoor living space.

Laying Pavement Is Very Precise

Whether you are using pavers, tiles or any other sort of brick or stone material, laying them accurately and evenly so that there are no bumps or hills is very difficult. Getting the right gradient on an uneven surface to begin with is virtually impossible if you are not a professional with the range of tools that they have. Very few houses have a completely flat backyard, and trying to make the patio stable is not achievable if you just consider yourself a part-time handyman. Decks are easier because you raise them up and make a separate platform, but patios are directly on the ground and thus require a bit more finesse. 

Correct Placement

If you don't want your patio to be constantly wiggling around underfoot, then you need to ensure you have strong foundations and each individual brick or paver is placed properly. The trouble is that knowing when your brick or paver is set and when it is just going to come loose in a few days is hard to do without experience. Patio contractors make sure that everything is packed together as tightly as it can be so that each paver or brick reinforces the other and makes sure that it will last for years without moving a millimetre. 

Aesthetic Appeal

While all decks look more or less the same because the wood is so uniform, organising individual bricks or pavers into a design that looks good takes far more work. You can't just be placing the stones and bricks in whatever fashion you like, as you might with a deck, but you have to take serious considerations about how it will all look in the future when you lay down your last few pieces. An ugly-looking patio is not something you want to be stuck with because it takes just as much effort to take out and redo, so you might as well use the professionals the first time around. 

Reach out to patio contractors for assistance. 

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