What type of lawn should you buy?

Taking care of the outside of your property is just as important as caring for the inside of your home. No-one wants to look out of the window and see bare earth or even a mess of weeds covering their yard. You could think about concreting or paving the outside but that soon stops looking attractive and can limit how you use the space. A paved area is great for setting out chairs but is rarely ideal for playing games or allowing pets to run free. One of the easiest ways to improve both the appearance and the utility of an outdoor area is to install a new lawn, but you must choose the right sort of lawn. Selecting the wrong lawn could leave you with an outdoor space that you can't use or that looks worse than before you laid the lawn.

Choosing your new lawn

There are many types of lawn available. You will need to speak to your local turf farm to find out which types of lawn could be suitable for your location, but here are two questions that you should be able to answer before you make your final decision.

How will your new lawn be used?

What do you know about grass? You might think that all grass is similar, but that isn't the case. Some types of lawn are tough enough to allow children and large dogs to run around on them all day without becoming damaged. There are also types of lawn that are more delicate in nature. In addition to the toughness of the lawn, you will also want to think about the softness of the lawn. Some types of lawn are soft enough to permit young children to run around without shoes while other types of lawn can feel spiky to bare feet. If possible, before committing to buy a particular type of turf, see if you can walk on it so that you know what it feels like underfoot.

What weather conditions will the lawn face?

Some types of lawn are resilient enough to survive months without rain while others need a more shady environment without too much direct sunlight if they are going to thrive. For your lawn to look good throughout the year, it's vital that you choose a type of lawn that is well-suited to your local area and the prevailing weather conditions it will face.

Reach out to a professional to discuss the types of lawn available. 

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