Two Considerations for Picking a Diamond Wedding Ring

For many people, choosing the right diamond engagement ring presents a serious problem. They may be quite certain that they want to marry, they may know the ideal spot, and the best time to propose but it's likely that they know very little about diamond engagement rings and how they can pick the best ring for their future spouse.

Selecting the diamond for the ring

Some people will automatically think that the only way to judge diamond engagement rings is by the amount of money you spend on them. That is far from true. Certainly, you will want to ensure that you choose a great looking ring to mark this special day, but that doesn't mean that you must buy the most expensive ring in the shop or even the ring with the biggest diamond. Diamond engagement rings are about style and elegance, not about showing off a huge rock attached to your finger. Diamond wedding rings don't have to be brash to be sparkly, in many ways a series of smaller diamonds can create all the glitter you need. A large diamond could look out of place on a lady with small fingers, while multiple smaller diamonds placed around the ring could show off the ring in a pleasing manner.

Which metal for the band?

It can be tempting to think that diamond wedding rings are just about the diamond, but for the diamond to be shown to best advantage, you must have a ring band to slip on her or his finger. Most diamond wedding rings will use either white or yellow gold for the band. Your jeweller will be able to offer you advice on the band selection as the decision will largely depend on the style of diamond you pick. Yellow gold is often considered appropriate, but you could opt for white gold or rose gold if it will better display your choice of diamond. Alternatively, many people like the appearance of a silver band with diamond engagement rings. On a practical note, if your significant other works in a role that may require the ring to be frequently removed or if you simply want to alleviate wear and tear on the ring, then you might want to consider a platinum ring band. Platinum looks good, but it is a much harder metal than gold and will last far longer before needing repair.

Visit a jeweler in your area to learn more.

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