How to Fully Personalise Your New Pontoon Dock

If you would rather spend most of your time on the water than on dry land, you will want to make the most of any lake or riverside property that you own. Therefore, with the upcoming season on the horizon, you may want to invest in a good quality pontoon dock. Yet you'll want to make this dock as user-friendly as possible and will want to equip it with a range of accessories to maximise your enjoyment. What are some of the add-ons you should order when you commission your new dock?

Hauling It Out

While you would like the season to last all year long, this is not practical, and so one of the first things you should do is to add a dry berth to the end of the dock. While you can certainly keep the dock in the water and secure it to the dockside cleats during the season, you may want to winch it out using a motor and roller system so that you can conduct maintenance at year-end.

Processing the Catch

For those who are avid fishermen or women, think about adding a fish cleaning station on a part of your pontoon dock. This station is a relatively simple addition, but you will be able to clean and prepare your catch before you get into the house and can avoid a lot of the mess indoors. That's bound to score some points with your significant other.

Keeping Things Clean

While you're at it, add a simple stand to secure a hose reel so that you can attach a pump to your mains supply. You can use this to clean down your fishing station and wash off the boat or personal watercraft when you're ready.

Maximising Your Time

As the nights draw in, you may still have work to do configuring your boat or carrying out some maintenance. Of course, you will want to see what you're doing and should install a set of lights attached to posts that can be easily installed onto the typical pontoon dock. These can be solar-powered, or you can run some electricity down to the dockside instead.

Placing Your Order

These are just a few of the accessories that will complement your pontoon dock. When you talk with your dock supplier, see what they can recommend so that you make the most out of your hobby and fully justify your waterside home. 

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