What you should know about balustrading

Balustrading is not a new thing in home remodeling and architecture. Balustrading serves a specific purpose in a plethora of commercial buildings, including learning institutions and museums. For instance, balustrades will boost the strength of stairs and they have an aesthetic value. Here is what you should know regarding balustrades.

Stainless steel balustrading

Stainless steel balustrades receive a lot of popularity because of the following factors.


The topnotch tensile strength of steel reduces risks of weakening or warping because of friction, ultraviolet radiation or moisture. Steel can withstand harsh conditions without chipping or corroding.


Stainless steel balustrades have a sleek and elegant look. You could also include glass in the steel frame to improve the elegant look.


You will not have to break the bank when purchasing steel balustrades since they are affordable. Moreover, the maintenance costs of stainless steel are low.

Glass Balustrading

Do you want to give a beautiful finish to your balcony? Here is why you should consider glass balustrading.


Glass balustrades give an elegant look from every angle. They will provide a stylish and impressive finish to your home or office stairs.


This material creates an illusion. If you want your house or business to look spacious, then you will not go wrong with glass balustrades. Besides providing safety on the staircase, they will create an open feel.

-Various formats

There are numerous glass balustrade systems in the market, and you will not miss what suits your taste and preference. Ensure your balustrade system complements your office or home environment.

Wood balustrades

You could also opt for wood balustrades, and here is why you might want to.

-Highly customisable

Design plays a crucial role in regards to the construction of architectural masterpieces. Wooden balustrades are available in a glut of designs, and if you want a unique appearance, you can customise it.

-Low cost

Wood is one of the cheapest options for balustrades. The most compelling option for traditional architectures is wooden or stone balustrades. They are cheap.

-Long life

Wood does not age badly. Wooden structures will last longer, especially with proper maintenance. It is also important to note the improved aesthetics that wood balustrades offer.

Wrap up

Regardless of the type of balustrade you settle for, you should know that their installation is demanding. Balustrades mostly occupy large locations; therefore, you should think critically about the type of material before making your decision. You should also conduct regular maintenance on your balustrades to improve their durability.

For more information on balustrading, contact a supplier near you.

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