Three Easy Steps To Make Your Business More Ethical

Since the turn of the 21st century, more and more people are becoming socially aware of the challenges faced by a modern, global society. From people being taken advantage of in the third world, to the rise of global warming and the corruption present at high levels of industry, many citizens are getting sick of misbehaving businesses. In response to this, there is a wave of ethical businesses that focus on being responsible workplaces that take an active role in bettering society, and these businesses often see a surge of support from a disillusioned public. Here are three easy ways your business can become more ethically run. 

E-Waste Recycling

With the rise of electronics in the workplace, there was a subsequent rise in e-waste, although many workplaces simply throw away old computers, batteries and other machines rather than recycling them. In reality, most electronics have very valuable parts in them that can be recycled, including tiny amounts of gold and other rare minerals. By throwing these machines away in the normal rubbish, you are harming the environment for no real reason, as e-waste recycling is often free, or if you get a call-out collection, very cost effective. Next time you have an upgrade in technology, remember to dispose of your e-waste ethically and help keep the environment green. 

Fairtrade And Ethical Coffee

Many businesses are run on the back of the communal coffee making services, and it is not unusual to see several bags of coffee used in a week. What many people don't know is that coffee is a very tough business for the third world farmers who produce it, and they are often not paid a livable wage from coffee. This means they are kept in poverty and sometimes even have to resort to making their children work long hours just so they can make ends meet. Some companies have even been found to buy coffee produced by slaves, a startling reality to many people in the west. All you need to do to work against this is to buy workplace coffee that is certified fairtrade and ensure that people are paid fairly for the coffee you enjoy. 

Renewable Energy

One of the biggest challenges facing the planet in the next century is the dangerous rise of global warming. This is a problem that will affect everyone, and something that even businesses must try and tackle in any way possible. If your business owns its own property, then you should try and make sure you get solar panels installed on the roof, as these can drastically cut down on your energy usage during the day. You should also look at trying to get as many low power using appliances as possible to minimise your carbon footprint. Remember to turn off all your computers and lights when leaving at the end of the day, as even when they are on sleep mode, they will still passively use power, which is a massive waste for something not even being used. 

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