How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Hire

Getting married is a milestone in anyone's life, and the memories you create on that special day will last you for a lifetime. It is precisely because of this importance that you spend weeks and even months beforehand planning every single thing that you can think of to make sure the day goes off without a hitch. While big-ticket items like the venue, wedding cake, bridal party and more can be hard to forget, it is easy to plan some things without giving too much thought into them. Making sure everything you get at your venue of choice contributes to your perfect day can be hard, but here are some helpful tips to put you on the right track.


When planning your decorations, table settings, chairs, food choices and even menu formats, it can be easy to do each of these things individually without the thought of the bigger picture. To make sure that your wedding day is beautifully organised, it is always better to synthesise and co-ordinate every aspect of the day to ensure nothing feels weird or out of place. To do this, you simply need to decide on two things:

  • Theme: If you want your wedding to have a particular theme, then everything you hire should fit within that theme, whether it is classical, old fashioned, country or even something unique like antebellum. 
  • Colour scheme: whether or not you have a theme, you must choose a colour scheme that can run through your wedding day. It is best to choose colours that complement each other but are not too loud.


You really want to try and make sure that all your wedding hire items are from the same company. Ordering from multiple vendors can cause confusion both with organisation before the day and payment, as well as general problems like needing a replacement for something on the wedding day. Centralising your wedding hire from one outlet also allows you to work closely with them to make sure your theme and colour scheme are present in every item you order. It also can help you get discounts due to bulk buying. It is very important you choose the right wedding hire place, though, and you should meet with several different contractors before you settle on one.


It is always better to get more than you need when it comes to wedding hire, as it is much less of a problem to have an excess of supplies rather than having guests go without. It is always better to get at least a bit more than you need for every item you are hiring just to have peace of mind when the day comes. After all, the day is one of excess — if you cannot splurge a little on your wedding day, then when can you? 

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