How to Choose the Right Pulsation Dampener for Your Water Pump

Water pumps are essential equipment in homes and commercial settings. You need them to move and distribute water from the source to various utility points where people can use it conveniently use it. When using water pumps, some of its parts wear and require replacements at various intervals. Pulsation dampeners are examples of such parts. Their work is to use set pre-charge to absorb shock and vibrations when the pump is running. The dampeners control pipe vibrations, pressure fluctuations and water hammering. Here is a guide that will help you make the right decision when buying pulsation dampeners for the first time.

  • Bladder-Type Pulsation Dampeners

Most pumps come with bladder-type pulsation dampeners. They are popular for their reliability and durability. More importantly, manufacturers also love them because there is a very low risk of contaminating the water when using bladder-type dampeners. The rubber separator that comes into constant contact with water comprises inert rubber components. The rubber does react with the mineral salts contained in the water passing through the pump, keeping it uncontaminated for the users. When buying, choose separators made from nitrile, butyl or silicone rubber. They are the most durable and least reactive forms of rubber, which makes them suitable for the job.

The body of a bladder-type pulsation could be anything ranging from plastic to metal. Polyvinylchloride (PVC) and polypropylene plastics will suffice for such cases. If you have to go for a metal body, choose carbon steel to mitigate the risk of rusting.

  • Membrane-Type Pulsation Dampeners

Membrane-type dampeners are also available and usable in several pumping applications. Here, pump manufacturers use specialised membranes held in metal or plastic bodies. The membranes regulate the flow of water to prevent unwanted vibrations and pulsations when the pump is working. The best membrane-type dampeners comprise a double membrane to guarantee total airtightness. Both layers of the membrane should have Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a primary ingredient. A single layer membrane can work in some cases, but there is a high risk of damage when the pump is operating under high pressure.

  • Bellow-Type Pulsation Dampeners

Bellow-type dampeners resemble inverted cups without handles. They have small, numerous ridges on the sides to act shock absorbers when the fluid starts flowing the pipework. They are not popular for regular water pumps because of their limited capacity. Additionally, the bellow holds onto its a steel body through strong welds, making it hard to dismantle and carry out repairs. 

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