Why Recycling Bins Are Important for Proper Recycling

It is important to recycle so that the environment is not polluted with increasing landfill. This landfill destroys the environment in various ways. One of these ways is through rotting and releasing harmful gases into the environment. When we don't recycle, we lose natural resources. Unfortunately, there isn't an endless supply of natural resources. This means that in order to save these resources for the future, it is important that people recycle. There are many items that can be recycled, and this list updates every year. Here are some of the items that can be recycled:

  • Glass: Check with your local council to see which types of glass can be recycled as some items, such as light bulbs, are not able to be recycled locally.
  • Metals: These include all types of food packaging, particularly aluminium cans from soft drinks.
  • Paper: Most types of paper containers and packaging can be recycled. Check with your local council to see which code numbers (located at the base of the item) can be recycled. 
  • Textiles: These include clothes, shoes, etc. These are usually recycled in charitable bins.
  • Organics: These include kitchen waste.

Why are recycling bins important?

Australia has an organised system for recycling. Councils provide two or three bins for recycling for every home. This makes it simpler to place the designated items in their bins. Here is a guide to the three bins:

  • Yellow bins: All paper, plastic, glass and metals
  • Green bins: Organic waste
  • Red bins: Garbage

Recycling bins can also be purchased for use inside the house. Recycling bins for homes come in varying sizes and number of compartments they have for different items. These bins can be easily stored in a bin cupboard or underneath the sink (if there is room). These are highly useful for on-the-go recycling; you can simply place the item to be recycled in the appropriate compartment and recycle later. This reduces the hassle of sorting out your waste each time. 

What items cannot go in recycling bins?

Although there are so many things we can recycle, there are certain items that are not allowed to be placed into council bins. These include plastic bags, electrical appliances, wooden items, items made out of polystyrene foam and other soft plastic items. 

It is important to use recyclable bins to manage waste. These bins have helped to recycle many tonnes of waste that would otherwise make its way into landfill and into the environment. 

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