Corporate Redevelopment: 3 Advantages of Installing a Lawn

If you own a corporate space which is undergoing redevelopment, you may be considering the steps you can take to improve the outdoor areas. Many corporate spaces are covered in concrete and paving stones which have several drawbacks when compared to a lawn area. Lawns have many advantages over paved or concreted areas. Below is a guide to the benefits of installing a lawn as part of your redevelopment project. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Improved Drainage

Australia can sometimes experience intense tropical storms which can lead to large amounts of rain falling in a very short amount of time. When rain falls on concrete or paving stones, it will not be absorbed and so will stand in pools and puddles. Although a drainage system can help to clear some of this water, it can be easily overwhelmed, especially if it becomes blocked by leaves or other debris. A lawn will naturally absorb a large amount of water into the soil during a rainstorm, which reduces the risk of flooding on your property.

Thriving Ecosystems

Concrete and paving stones aren't great for the ecosystem because this surface does not provide the ideal conditions in which animals and plants can grow and live. This can lead to your corporate property looking very sterile and dead. By installing a lawn, you can encourage the growth of grass, flowers and trees, which will, in turn, encourage worms and other small insects, which will be consumed by birds and other small animals. Having a little bit of wildlife around your offices can help your company to seem more human and alive, which could appeal to your business partners and customers.

Increased Appeal

Vast expanses of concrete or paving can be very boring to look at. If your staff spend all of their time looking out of the office window onto a dull view of concrete or paving, they are unlikely to feel inspired or interested in their work. By installing a new and exciting lawn on your property, you can increase the appeal of your workplace to your staff and your staff's energy and enthusiasm.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of installing a lawn on your corporate property, you should contact a contractor who specialises in this area today. They will be happy to visit you so they can discuss your lawn and turf supply needs before helping you to design your new lawn area.

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