Line Marking Products

Line marking products are used for a variety of purposes. Line marking is a growing industry, owing to Australia's ever-growing population. As population growth occurs, increasing infrastructure and roads need to built to accommodate this growth. Line marking is carried out in many, many areas of this infrastructure, including many facilities. Here are some examples:

  • Parking areas: Parking areas are being built at a faster rate then ever. More people mean more cars, and hence the need for parking space is also urgent. Parking spaces are marked using line marking products to allow cars to be parked in a uniform fashion. Most buildings now have separate parking areas, including offices and apartments.
  • Roads: Roads are one of the most obvious applications of line marking products. Line marking is done to mark clear lanes on the road, create pedestrian crossings and also indicate areas where cars can overtake each other and where they cannot. Without appropriate line marking, cars could not move in the regular fashion.
  • Sporting facilities: Many sports, including basketball, soccer and hockey, require proper line marking for the sport to take place. Sporting facilities routinely hire line marking services to carry out this process. Lines can become worn over time and hence need to be re-marked.

Types of line marking products

Line marking products, from companies like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd, are used according to where the lines are being marked. For instance, the paint used to mark lines on the road must be able to withstand tough weather conditions as well as the wear and tear brought about by the movement of traffic. Roads are subject to heavy rain, extreme heat and even snow; the paint used to mark road lines should withstand these conditions and not need frequent re-painting. 

Normally, water based paint is used to mark lines as it is more environmentally friendly. However, in comparison to solvent based paint, water based paint wears off more quickly but is used as it does not contain harmful substances. 

Aside from line marking paint, line marking machines are also a vital line marking product. Line marking machines allow the fast and efficient painting of lines. These machines result in smoother, cleaner lines that are more uniform. Paint is also used more efficiently, resulting in less paint lost and hence cost savings. These machines come on wheels, making them easy to be transported.

Line marking products are available according to the needs of the client. 

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